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Spare parts for specialize vehicles, fire protection equipments, pumps and valves, gear motors

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Spare Parts

Our product includes multiple special vehicles spare parts import from Europe.

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High-tech equipments

Our product includes multiple modern, high-quality geared motors.

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Specialize industrial equipments

We provides multiple modern, high-quality, pump and vavle.

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Specialize Vehicles

Our product includes multiple fire protection equipments.

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Design and installation for the power industry

We specialize in designing and installing power solutions for the industry.

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Solution design for the power industry

Our experts provide tailored solutions for the power industry challenges.

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HIAB's Signing Agreement - 29/05/2023

Deliver high quality HIAB products and spareparts for cranes.

On May 29, 2023, a momentous agreement was signed between HIAB, a leading provider of on-road load handling equipment, and NewAtlantic JSC, a prominent logistics and transportation company. The signing ceremony marked a significant milestone in the strategic partnership between the two organizations.
During the ceremony, speeches were delivered by the CEOs of both HIAB and NewAtlantic JSC, highlighting the shared vision, mutual goals, and commitment to excellence that laid the foundation for this collaboration. The agreement encompasses various areas of cooperation, including research and development, technology sharing, joint product development, and market expansion.

WILLBURT's Mobile Elevation Systems

Deliver high quality products and spareparts for major factories, companies.

  • UAV Defense
  • Border Surveillance
  • Force Protection
  • Mobile Security

The Will-Burt Company is the world's premier manufacturer of mobile telescoping masts, towers, trailer systems, and pan and tilt positioners. We offer virtually every mobile payload elevation solution and full integration services for defense, government, first responders, telecommunications, energy production and other markets. Will-Burt also offers contract manufacturing, metal fabrication, powder-coating, and rapid prototyping services. We are an international company with offices and manufacturing in the USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Turkey, and Singapore. All manufacturing locations are backed by a certified ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. Incorporated in 1918, Will-Burt is an employee-owned company.

TEREX's Self-propelled cranes

We are the only representative to import and distribute Terex crane products.

  • Health & Safety
  • Terex ESG Reports
  • Integrity & Business Ethics
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Workplace & Communities
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Terex is a global manufacturer of materials processing machinery and aerial work platforms. We design, build and support products used in construction, maintenance, manufacturing, energy, recycling, minerals and materials management applications. Certain Terex products and solutions enable customers to reduce their environmental impact including electric and hybrid offerings that deliver quiet and emission-free performance, products that support renewable energy, and products that aid in the recovery of useful materials from various types of waste. Our products are manufactured in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia and sold worldwide. We engage with customers through all stages of the product life cycle, from initial specification and financing to parts and service support.

NEXTMOVE's Communication Systems

We are the only representative to import and distribute Nextmove products.

  • Atenna Positioners for Mobile and Tactical LOS
  • Antenna Positioners for E-band Fixed Installation
  • Satellite Atenna Positioners
  • Cellular LTE 3G/4G Range Extender

Nextmove Technologies designs and manufacturers lightweight antenna positioners with low power consumption for both Satellite and Terrestrial Line of Sight applications. Every model comes standard with an embedded controller that communicates with on board sensors like GPS and Compass. Our software provides easy to use tools for acquiring, tracking, peaking, and maintaining a wide band radio link. Our software communicates directly with microwave & millimeter wave radios, and satellite modems for closed loop tracking. Imagine having the ability to rapidly deploy wide band networks. Maintain the highest Quality of Service remotely. Place directional wide band communications on moving platforms for ship to shore or ship to ship communications solutions, or use millimeter wave radios that provide 40Gbps data rates for back haul at distances of up to 10 miles on cellular monopole towers. Save money and have more reliable wireless networks. All this is possible today with our antenna positioning solutions.

St Airborne Surveillance system

As the sole representative to import and distribute of St Airborne Surveillance system

  • Oil spill tracking
  • Border control
  • Fishery surveillance
  • Ship traffic control
  • Search and rescue
  • General surveillance for protection of the Exclusive Economic Zone Oil spill tracking

ST Airborne Systems (previously SSC Airborne Systems) is a world leader in providing airborne maritime surveillance systems that combine a cost-effective and field-proven sensor suite with latest tehchnology software to achieve excellent usability and user-friendliness. Our systems are designed to effectively address tasks such as Exclusive Economic Zone protection, protection of natural resources (e.g. fishery and fish stock), Search-And-Rescue, piracy and smuggling, general sea traffic control and environnmental protection (e.g. oil spill detection and monitoring.)

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